Dental Technology Support Services

Goetze Dental's Technology HelpDesk is a full-solution Dental IT provider.  We specialize in integrating and supporting the equipment and technology of a Private Dental Practice.  Goetze HelpDesk Agents are experts in Dental Technology HIPAA compliance.  We provide both stand-alone solutions and managed services for dental practices in the Midwest.  

Services & Solutions

Remote Support
An alternative resource to on-site repair of computer and network related issues. 
This resource is intended to provide you with information and support remotely, as it relates to dental technology products and services commonly used in the dental practice.


Email Encryption
This service provides the stress free ability to send and receive email in compliance with HIPAA standards.  An encrypted email allows you to send a secure message without the inherit risk of data being intercepted, protecting the content from being viewed by someone other than the intended recipient(s).

Data Continuity Service
Allows you to backup your entire server and replicate those backup files offsite as often as every 15 minutes without disrupting production.  Additionally, if your server fails, we can restore business operation temperarily until the server is repaired or replaced.

File Backup Solution
A file-level backup solution that provides the ability to target and backup specific data files offsite at the end of every business day to protect against disasters such as fire, severe weather, or theft.  Data restoration can take a significant amount of time.

System Health Monitoring
Computer System Health Monitoring works in conjunction with Remote Support Service and Data Continuity Service to proactively monitor machine performance in an attempt to predict and mitigate system failures caused by problems occuring at the component level or from end-user infringements.

Extended Hardware Warranty for Goetze Technology
An extended warranty plan is offered on technology purchased through Goetze Dental with an active enrollment in the System Health Monitoring service.  The extended warranty plan is designed to reduce repair costs for manufacturer defects beyond the manufacturer's standard warranty period.

On-Site Technology Repair
When non-preventable hardware failures occur with your technology, we have a full team of factory trained and authorized Technology Technicians dedicated to delivering you a solution - fast!  Our helpdesk agents work directly with technology field technicians to diagnose the problem.

Need help determining which services and solutions are best for you?  Contact our HelpDesk Agents.  We carefully assess your needs and provide education to help you make an informed decision.

To contact the Goetze HelpDesk, please call 800.692.0804, option 7.
Submit your trouble ticket below and we'll call as soon as possible.

Remote Support

Support Agreement Required
In order to best serve you, we now require a Support Agreement.

-If you have a Support Agreement, submit a ticket below detailing the type of support you need. 
-If you have not completed a Support Agreement, submit a ticket below and an agreement will be sent to you.  Offices without a Support Agreement will be charged an incident fee.  Your HelpDesk Agent will explain your options.

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3M ESPE Dentsply Professional Pelton & Crane
Accutron Inc. Dentsply Rinn Planmeca
Acteon DENT-X® ImageWorks Porter Instrument Co®., Inc.
A-dec® Electro Medical Systems Pro Drive Systems, Inc.
Air Techniques Forest Progeny™ Dental
Bien-Air Medical Technologies Gendex® Proma
Brewer Design Handler Royal Dental Group
Buffalo Dental Manufacturing Co., Inc. HOYA Conbio™ SciCan
Cadent Itero Instrumentarium Sirona
Colténe Whaledent® Ivoclar Vivadent™ Soredex
Crown Seating J. Morita USA Star Dental
Danville KaVo Star X-Ray
DCI International L&R Manfacturing Co. Tuttnauer
DentalEZ Group Marus Wehmer Corporation, The 
Dentsply Caulk Midmark WelchAllyn
Dentsply International
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