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Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
by Kerr

Self-Etch, Self-Adhesive Resin Dental Cement

Change your cement.  Change your outcomes.

Maxcem Elite™ Chroma is the first Self-Etch/ Self-Adhesive resin cement offering a Color Cleanup Indicator, dispensing pink before fading at the gel state, telling you the optimal time to cleanup excess cement.

· Color Cleanup Indicator
· Dual-Cure
· Enhanced Bond Strength
· Radiopaque
· Dual-Barrel Automix Delivery System
· One-Peel™ Cleanup
· Easy Storage without Refrigeration
· Compatibility – All indirect restorations, including ceramics, PFMs, Zirconia and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials


by Kerr

IPR · Cement Removal · Finishing

· Easy Interproximal Reduction
· One handed operation
· Easy access to tight anterior & posterior spaces
· Large grinding surface & improved working view¹
· Autoclavable/ multiple use device

¹when compared to QWIKSTRIP®. QWIKSTRIP® is a registered trademark of Dr. Louie Khouri


by Kerr

Disposable Air/Water Syringe Tips

The disposable syringe tip that gives you DRY AIR ON DEMAND.

· Disposable syringe tip with built-in rubber O-ring seal makes syringe work like new every time
· Dry air on demand
· Reduce risk of restoration failures due to moisture
· Fast tip changing with easy-to-install push-button converters

2016_q3_softcore_obturatorsSoft-Core™ Obturators
by Kerr

· Simple twist off handle design removes easily
· Injection molded obturators for sizing consistency
· Thinner core for greater flexibility to navigate canals
· One universal taper size fits most common preps

by Zirc

Why Z.O.B.E.


· The ZOBE kit ships to your practice at NO COST. 

Free ZOBE. Free Shipping.  Free Return.

· ZOBE contains over 25 top selling products for organization.

· Have fun exploring the products.

· Your ZIRC efficincy expert consults with you and listens to your needs.
· Your ZIRC expert reviews the amount of patient flow for each procedure.
· You receive a custom plan that's right for you.
· Ship ZOBE back within one week and receive 20% off your order.


www.zirc.com/zobe or ask your Goetze Dental Sales Representative for more information.



Prometheus™ Coupler
by Johnson_Promident

Self-contained LED Couplers to upgrade to fiber optics or expand/fix/replace existing fiber optic systems.


The PrometheusTM Coupler provides bright LED light without the need or cost of traditional fiber optic systems. Simply connect the corresponding PrometheusTM Coupler to your favorite fiber optic handpiece (Star®, Kavo, NSK, Midwest® or fixed back) and eliminate the power supply, fiber optic hoses and installation. Enjoy bright LED light instantly for about the same price as a standard quick disconnect coupler.


567759 Self-contained swivel coupler for Kavo

567760  Self-contained swivel coupler for Star

567761  Self-contained swivel coupler for NSK

567762  Self-contained swivel coupler for 4/5 hole



Crystal HD® Mirrors and Mirror Magic® Anti-fog system
by Zirc

Don't Let Your Mirror Slow you Down

The Perfect Pair

The superior visual acuity and 40% brighter Crystal HD® lens combined with the quick debris removal and anti-fog solution of mirror magic® have proven to be the perfect pair. Increase chairside efficiency and speed up your process with this dynamic duo.

watch the magic in action


Germ Fighter Kit
by Kerr TotalCare

Germs are all around you, Like it or not

Arm your self with the tools to fight the spread of germs BEFORE it hits you.  Follow these simple key steps and drastacally reduce the possiblity of cross-contamination.

1. Clean your surfaces
2. Cover your surfaces
3. Clean your hands

The Kerr Total Car Germ Fighter Kit contains:

• 4 Cans of CaviWipes™
• 1, 24 oz. spray bottle of CaviCide™
• 1 roll of Pinnacle™ Cover All 4" W x 6" L
• 1 liter VioNexus™ No Rinse Spray
• 18 oz pump bottle VioNex™ Antimicrobial Liquid Soap
• Googles™ Eye Shields Office pack

2016_q1_hu_unidose_syringeHerculite® Ultra
by Kerr Restoratives

Employing the latest in nanoparticle technology, this universal composite features optimal handling and high polishability, lifelike esthetics, great wear resistance, and increased radiopacity - everything a clinician needs. The resin matrix and Vita® shade matching inherent in other Herculite brands are retained in Herculite Ultra. Ideal translucency, wide shade selection, and Kerr’s Point 4 filler system provides excellent blending, making dental restorations undetectable.
  • Optimal handling, non-slumping. Superb ease of placement.
  • Long-lasting polishability. Maintains lifelike luster over time.
  • Herculite gold standard technology. Proven 25+ years of experience.
  • High wear resistance and mechanical properties. Long-lasting and durable
  • Chameleon quality. Superior tooth-blending effect enabled by optimized filler size.


Herculite® Ultra Flow
by Kerr Restoratives

Herculite Ultra Flow combines the long-standing expertise of the Herculite brand with an innovative flowable composite. It is the perfect match with the esthetics and performance of Herculite Ultra. Featuring Smart Placement Technology, Herculite Ultra Flow flows easily when used as a base/liner and maintains its shape when used in small restorations.

  • Smart Placement Technology
  • Outstanding Flexural Strength
  • Over 300% Radiopacity
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Easy polishability, excellent gloss retention and low wear

2016_q1_optidisckit02OptiDisc™ Finishing & Polishing Discs
by Kerr Rotary

Finishing and Polishing System

The OptiDisc finishing and polishing system gives your restorations a final polish equal to that of natural dentition. With a three-grit system instead of the traditional four, you can achieve a higher surface gloss with fewer steps than with competitive products. OptiDiscs are translucent for enhanced working surface visibility. Kerr also offers OptiDisc Extra-Coarse for contouring composite restorative materials prior to finishing and polishing.


NiTi Endo Files
by Kerr Endodontics

The Kerr System is color-coded with matching verifiers, obturators, gutta percha and paper points.

3M True Definition Scanner

True Definition Scanner
by 3M

Accuracy That Puts You In Control

Whether you want to add digital impressioning to your existing workflow or expand your digital footprint—the 3M™ True Definition Scanner gives
you unparalleled:

Accuracy: Precise enough for your most  challengingcases
Ease of Use: Small, lightweight wand for fast, easy scanning
Flexibility: You choose how you want to practice digital dentistry
Control: You determine your level of investment



Dental Handpieces and Motors
by A-dec® ι W&H

Air  - When Feel and vision matter most.

•Synea 500 highspeed handpieces
•Synea 400 highspeed handpieces
•Alegra 300 highspeed handpieces
•Alegra 300 lowspeed air handpieces
•Air Motors

- When power, precision and versatility are key.

•Synea 500 handpieces
•Synea 400 Handpieces

For the perfect handpiece visit A-dec's handpiece advisor.

Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse360 - Patient communications. Simplified
by Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360® is an award-winning, fully-automated solution for your patient communications. We'll handle your texts, emails, calls and mail to get patients in the door and in the chair.

What can Lighthouse 360 do for your practice?

  • Increase profits by reducing no-shows
  • Save time with automatic appointment confirmation
  • Reach 100% of your patients with texts, emails, calls and mail
  • Combine family messages into a single message
  • Generate positive buzz from patients on review sites
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing patient management system
  • No long-term contracts!

Change the way you run your practice.
Lighthouse 360 is an award-winning platform that decreases broken appointments, increases patient satisfaction, and sends staff efficiency through the roof.

Keep your calendar booked
Lighthouse 360 automatically sends appointment reminders, recall notices, and reactivation messages to your entire patient list—all straight from your current PMS.

Reach 100% of your patients—not just the tech-savvy ones
Make sure no patient falls through the cracks by sending a combination of 2-way text messages, phone calls, postcards, emails, and letters.

Make your staff happier—and your patients too.
Lighthouse 360 generates a daily task list for your front desk and automatically reschedules last-minute cancelations, making your staff more efficient and your patients more likely to return. And since we believe in earning your business every month, we'll never make you sign a contract.

Ready to learn more about Lighthouse 360?

Call your Goetze Dental Sales Representative to request your free demo today.

ProVecta S-Pan by Planmeca

ProVecta S-Pan
by Air Techniques

ProVecta S-Pan Revolutionary Technology Delivers Unmatched Sharpness with Unmatched Ease

Automatically selects the sharpest areas, resulting in sharper images and faster, easier diagnosis

Selecting from 20,000 image fragments to create one exceptional image

From a single exposure, only S-Pan acquires 20 layers of images and slices them into 20,000 fragments. The best are selected and compiled to generate a single, exceptionally sharp panoramic image--automatically!

Important diagnostic information is sharply displayed, including the mandibular canal and bone structure

Uses a Csl sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation

Panoramic images for adults within 7 seconds

17 X-ray programs for unmatched ease of diagnosis:
•1 Standard Panoramic
•3 Half-page: right, left and front
•4 Child modes of exposure with smaller exposure area
•5 Orthogonal
•2 TMJ for functional diagnosis
•2 sinus for paranasal sinuses

The child modes reduce the dose by 45-56% and shorten the scan time, without loss of diagnostic information

Error-free, ergonomic face-to-face positioning due to 3 positioning laser lines and X-ray transparent temple holders

Allows face-to-face positioning without mirrors

Stabilizing handles compensate for patient movement

Audio announcements for staff and patients

7" touch-display for intuitive operation

User-friendly navigation facilitates smooth workflow while imaging

Slim design, small footprint - Only 39" x 44" x 90"

Long vertical path accommodates tall patients and wheelchair users

TWAIN-compliant imaging software

Zooby Flavored Nitrile Gloves

Zooby Flavored Nitrile Exam Gloves
by Denticator

Zooby® Flavored Nitrile Gloves offer two fun Zooby flavors: Cheetah Cherry™, and Happy Hippo Cake™! These flavors are infused into a high quality, powder-free nitrile glove that is offered in four standard sizes (XS, S, M, and L).

Currently available in two fun Zooby flavors: Cheetah Cherry and Happy Hippo Cake
  • Flavored gloves are ideal for longer procedures especially during pediatric appointments.
  • The glove flavor is intended to last for the entire procedure making it more enjoyable.
  • Gloves are both scented AND flavored.
• These gloves have no bitter chlorine taste or smell.
• They are colorful too which make them less intimidating than plain white standard gloves.
• Each flavor is available in four sizes-Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large
• Non-Sterile
• Powder-Free
• Ambidextrous
• Single Use Only
• Finger/Palm Textured
• 100 ct. by Weight
• Non-latex


elements™free obturation system
by AxisιSybronEndo

AXIS Sybron's cordless elements free obturation system combines a Downpack device with 360 degree activation ring, instant heating, and digital temperature control, making it ideal for the continuous wave obturation technique.

Ready to go when you're ready to go...
• Downpack unit heats to 200°C in less than 0.5 seconds and with an adjustable heating range of 100°-400°C
• 360° activation ring to improve your experience and clinical outcome
• Digital temperature control for procedural accuracy
• Perfect for Continuous Wave™ and single motion downpack obturation

The Backfill unit features powered extrusion, a comfortable design, and high-performance aerogel insulation for a better patient obturation experience.

Powered obturation, no strings attached...
• Swiss motor and gear drive for exceptional performance
• Motorized extrusion for less hand fatigue
• Single-use cartridges with built-in finger grips for ease of use
• Aerogel insulation surrounds the heating element for your comfort and your patient's safety

elements™free Obturation System
System includes a Downpack and Backfill device, dual charging base, transformer, power cord and accessories

Enamelon by Premier

by Premier

Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel
0.40% Stannous Fluoride (970 ppm F)

Enamelon® Preventive Treatment Gel is formulated with stabilized stannous fluoride optimized with calcium and phosphate ions to offer an effective home-use treatment plan for caries prevention, gingivitis and/or sensitivity relief. The gentle, non-abrasive formula can be used daily as part of your patients' oral hygiene care routine. You and your patients can enjoy efficacy, versatility and safety – all in one treatment gel.

• Aids in the prevention of caries
• Builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity of the teeth to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact
• Helps prevent gingivitis
• Helps interfere with the harmful effects of plaque associated with gingivitis

564678 Enamelon® Gel – Clean Mint (4oz)

Enamelon® Fluoride Toothpaste
0.45% Stannous Fluoride (1150 ppm F)
Enamelon® Toothpaste contains the same clinically proven active ingredient optimized with calcium and phosphate ions as the preventive treatment gel, but in an 1150 ppm F formulation with a mild abrasive for everyday cleaning.

564679 Enamelon® Toothpaste – Mint Breeze - 4.3 ounces
564680 Enamelon® Toothpaste – Mint Breeze - 24 tubes (.75 ounces)

Filtek Bulk Fill by 3MESPE

Filtek® Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative
by 3M ESPE

Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior restorative is a one-step bulk placement solution designed to improve productivity by allowing fast and easy posterior restorations.

• One-step placement, no additional capping layer
• Fast and easy procedure
• Excellent adaptation without additional expensive dispensing devices
• Stress relief to enable up to 5mm depth of cure
• Better wear resistance than market-leading bulk fill materials
• Excellent handling and sculptability
• True nanofiller technology and two innovative methacrylate monomers to lower polymerization stress without compromising wear.

Capsule Refills (20 x .2 gm)
A1 564699, A2 564700, A3 564701, B1 564702, C2 564703

Syringe Refills (4gm)
A1 564704, A2 564705, A3 564706, B1 564707, C2 564708

Procedure Capsules Kit 564697
(Contains: 40 (0.2 gm. Capsules) (20 each of A2 and A3), 5.0 mL Vial of Scotchbond Universal, 10 Sof-Lex Spiral Finishing Wheels, 10 Sof-Lex Spiral Polishing Wheels, 1 RA Mandrel, Instructions for Use and Technique Guide.)

Procedure Syringe Kit 564698
(Contains: 2 (4 gm.) Syringes (1 each of A2 and A3), 5.0 mL Vial of Scotchbond Universal, 10 Sof-Lex Spiral Finishing Wheels, 10 Sof-Lex Spiral Polishing Wheels, 1 RA Mandrel, Instructions for Use and Technique Guide.)


by 3Shape

Digital Impression Solution.
Digital color impression, Shape measurement and HD photos all in one.

TRIOS® is much more than a scanner. TRIOS® is multifunctional digital tool for dentist that creates 3D digital impressions, measures color shades of teeth, and takes intraoral HD photos for case documentation. And all of this case information immediately goes to the dental technician for designing and manufacturing restorations of the highest quality and fit.

More and more dentists are using digital impression taking systems because the new technology provides easy impression taking, digital accuracy, increased patient satisfaction, with a rapid return on investment. 3Shape TRIOS® gives you even more.

TRIOS® is available in Pod and Cart systems.

Technology designed the way you work.


Tender Touch® Nitrile Gloves
by Sempermed®

Compare to Patterson Dental's Nitrile Exam Gloves.

Tender Touch® gloves feature the right combination of fit, feel, tactile sensitivity, strength and value in a taex-free exam glove. And better yet, we've delivered it in our new Smart Dispense Technology, Single Glove Delivery™ packaging. This innovative packaging method reduces wrinkles and allows for more gloves per box, making Tender Touch® a smart choice.




Earloop Extra Soft Masks
by Quala

Quala Earloop Extra Soft Masks.

Designed for people with sensitive skin. Cellulose inner layer is made from hypoallergenic material that is void of dyes, inks and chemicals. ASTM Level 3. Latex-free. Packaged 50 per box.


SmartLite® Focus
by Dentsply

Pen-style LED Curing Light.
Introducing the SmartLite® Focus Pen-Style LED Curing Light..

With SmartLite® Focus, you can trust that your curing light is doing its job. Designed to maximize the success of your restorations, it helps reduce the variables that are inherent with light curing. From its deep penetrating collimated light beam to easy handling and operation, you'll discover that having focus is essential to what you do.

A more collimated beam provides:
• Greater energy available at depth
• Lower risk of uncured resin at gingival margin
• Reduced pathways for secondary caries to form.

by NOWsystems

Advanced Oral Biology for Advanced Oral Care™

The TRIOLOGY™ advanced oral cleansing system is a complete line of oral care products designed to provide superior cleansing, eliminate harmful bacteria and balance pH in the mouth. In addition to promoting improved oral health, the patent-pending TRIOLOGY™ formula inhibits the growth of microbes that have been proven to be implicated in the oral-systemic connection.

"My testing has shown that TRIOLOGY™ Debriding Serum can play a signifcant role in the elimination of bacteria pathogens that have been linked in periodontal disease." - Jeremy Bowen, DDS

Mouth infections, including periodontal disease, as well as inflammation and pain are caused by bacteria, fungi, debris and other irritants. TRIOLOGY™ rinse and serum are natural, biologic solutions that integrate with the saliva in your mouth and go beneath the gum line to reach, kill and cleanse away these irritants. The result: When treated with TRIOLOGY™ rinse or serum, you'll heal much faster and feel much less pain and discomfort.

Why is TRIOLOGY™ so effective?

All-natural TRIOLOGY™ is powered by Tritiserum™, a bioactive formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antimicrobial agents, plus the microfoaming cleansing action of carbamide peroxide, a natural antiseptic and debriding agent. TRIOLOGY™ contains no artificial chemicals and no drugs. It contains natural, biologic ingredients that, when combined in a patent-pending formula, provide unmatched cleansing in a naturally safe way. These biologic ingredients include the following:

Wheat grass powder issued in burn centers and cancer hospitals for its abilities to help repair damaged cells and control pain. It also helps balance acidic pH levels in the mouth to help ensure oral health.
Aloe vera powder aids in the reduction of formation of gingivitis and plaque while inhibiting the growth of fungi, and bacteria. Antiseptic agents produced by aloe vera help in the elimination of infection in the mouth.
Sweet almond oil is rich in unsaturated fats and essential fatty acids which are easily absorbed. it is very high in Omega-3, which studies have shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Other biologic ingredients contributing to the unmatched cleansing power of TRIOLOGY™ include:
•  Carbamide peroxide - natural foaming antiseptic
•  Xylitol - reduces the development of cavities, plaque and tar
•  Peppermint oil - a natural antiseptic

Why do we use TRIOLOGY™?

Before Procedures
Inflammation of the oral tissues can be painful and make it more difficult to perform the necessary treatment. Cleansing with TRIOLOGY™ rinse for days or weeks prior to your dental procedure reduces inflammation.
During Procedures

Begin your dental visit with TRIOLOGY™ rinse to cleanse bacteria from your mouth. This protects you and staff from bacteria entering the environment when using air and water during your procedure. TRIOLOGY™ serum is used during the procedure to thoroughly cleanse above and below the gum line throughout your mouth, and at the treatment site. TRIOLOGY™ serum also reduces discomfort during and after your procedure.
After Procedures
You may be supplied with TRIOLOGY™ rinse and TRIOLOGY™ serum pen following your dental procedure with instructions for use in cleansing the treatment site to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Both TRIOLOGY™ products reduce discomfort and pain.

For more information visit TRIOLOGYcare.com


NitriDerm® COATS™
by Innovative Healthcare Corporation

Powder-free Nitrile Exam Gloves with Colloidal Oatmeal Active Therapeutic System.
A glove that can help protect you and our skin.

COATS™barrier technology is a totally powder-free, all-natural physical barrier between the glove surface and the wearer's skin, utilizing the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal oatmeal. In our COATS™ gloves, the colloidal oatmeal barrier not only chields the skin surface, it also creates a moisturizing and pH balancing environment that helps dry, damaged skin to repair itself. And healthy skin is the body's best defense against infection. What a naturally great idea!

Product Attributes:
• Low Modulus
• Non-Latex
• Textured Finish

• Softer, More Comfortable Fit
• No Risk of Latex Allergens
• Improved Wet/Dry Grip


Cavitron® FitGrip™ Insert
by Dentsply

Designed for optimum hygienist comfort.

FitGrip™ inserts elecate the level of performance
• Unique one-piece design allows the hygienist's fingers to naturally conform to the grip
• Larger grip diameter lessens muscle load and pinch force
• Rippled grip texture is designed to lessen the chance of slipping

The slimLINE® - The thinner design of the Focused Spray® slimLINE® inserts allows for improved access and adaptability in the removal of light to moderate deposits.
The PowerLINE® - The Focused Spray® PowerLINE® series of inserts havea  standard-sized tip that is specifically designed for efficiency and the removal of heavier deposits.
The THINsert® - The THINsert® ultrasonic insert is our thinnest tip and is deisgned to allow access in difficult areas, without the loss of tactile sensation.


ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE Base/Liner™ and Restorative™
by Pulpdent

BioACTIVE Products for the ProACTIVE Dentist.
The Future of Dentistry Now in Your Hands.

3 Key Components
activarestorativeAn unparalleled combination of chemical and physical properties deliver bioactivity, toughness, resilience and marginal integrity:
1. Patented bioactive ionic resin
2. Patented rubberized resin
3. Bioactive glass ionomer

Key Features:
• Tough, resilient, fracture and wear resistant, absorbs shock
• Releases, recharges calcium, phosphate and fluoride
• Dentin shade
• No sensitivity
• Ionic bondsform exceptional marginal deal
• Resists chipping and crumbling
• Dimensionally stable
• Moisture friendly
• No bonding agents required
• Low water sorption - Low solubility
• Light cure, self-cure, no depth of cure concerns
• Radiopague

m8900lhispeedKaVo MASTERtorque™ Turbine with Direct Stop Technology
by KaVo

Superiority is at hand - all day, every day.
Maximum Power. Whisper Quiet. Optimal Comfort

KaVo's most powerful and amazingly quiet high-speed air handpiece just got better!
Introducing the newest addition to KaVo's high-speed collection, the MASTERtorque M8900 L, now has 20% more power (compared to 6500BR) at 23 Watts, the same industry leading noise level of 57 dB, and NEW Direct Stop Technology (DST). The Best Gets Better!

Direct Stop Techonoloy stops the bur in less than one second (on average) when the doctor steps off the foor control. This increases working efficiency and reduces the potential for soft tissue damage. DST also prevents the drawback of aersols and debris, increasing the life of the turbine and improving overall handpiece hygiene.

Our Master Series premium air handpieces operate at a very low frequency range; in fact, MASTERtorque M8900 L and MASTERtorque mini M4500 L are two of the quietest high-speed air handpieces around. An extremely well-balanced turbine reduces acoustic pressure and high-frequency peaks to protect your hearing and helps create a relaxing environment for all. The unique ball-bearing technology guarantees quiet and virtually vibration free operation.

quala_alginateAlginate Substitute
by Quala

Alginate Impression Material, Normal and Fast Set.

For use with preliminary orthodontic models, provisionals, impressions for temporaries and many other applications. Quala Alginate Substitute material produces accurate impressions every time and the impression can be placed in disinfectant without damage.

• Pre-mixed material
• Excellent dimensional ability
• Pleasant mint flavor

• No messy mixing of powder and liquid
• Multiple pours can be made without loss of accuracy
• Increases patient acceptance, helps to reduce gag reflexes during impressions

clearbitereg_q-9006hpClear Bite Registration
by Quala

Clear Bite Registration High Perforamnce.

Clear vinyl polysiloxane derivative material in a high performance cartridge dispensing system. Clear Bite Registration matrix material for temporaries. Maintains a 2-yea shelf life.

• Clear "see-through" material
• Nonflowing, thixotropic

• Allows light to pass through in curing of temporaries, makes any bubbles or voids visible
• No drip, sag or slump, stays in place on occlusal tooth surfaces

freedom_group_shot_copyNUPRO® revolv® and NUPRO Freedom®
by Dentsply

Disposable Prophy Angles ans Packs.

NUPRO® disposable prophy angles are now available in a variety of new cup and package size options including, straight (90°) DPAs available in soft, firm, sprial, brush, pointed tip and pedo cup options. Contra angles DPAs are ergonomically designed to allow the hand and wrist to operate with less effort as compared to traditional disposable prophy angles, leading to less hand and wrist fatigue and feature a unique sprial cup designed to reduce splatter and improve interproximal cleaning. All NUPRO® revolv® Disposable Prophy Angle packages will now feature an assortment of multi-colored angles. NUPRO® Freedom® Disposable Prophy Angles are designed to work exclusively with the Midwest® RDH Freedom® Cordless Prophy System.

crayolasactoothpastebCrayola™ SQUEEZE-A-COLOR™ Toothpaste
by GUM®

Make brush time fun time for children!

GUM® Crayola™ Squeeze-A-Color™ Toothpaste, the newest addition to its GUM® Crayola™ line, designed to make tooth brushing a fun and interesting activity for children. Safe for use by children ages 2+, GUM® Crayola™ Squeeze-A-Color™ Toothpaste comes in a variety pack of child-sized tubes with three non-staining colors and three yummy flavores that children can mix and match, making brushing an enjoyable experience and helping build improved oral health.

Yummy Flavors! Each package contains three uniquely colored and flavored fluoride toothpastes -  Melon Blast (Red), Blueberry Burst (Blue), Jazzy Apple (Green) - which means more options for every brush or combine them to make a new flavor.


Vera Angles™
by Young Dental

Seeing is Believing.

Vera by Young™, the newest prophy angle from Young Dental offers a compact prophy angle head and slim neck design; these unique features are designed to deliver maneuverability in the mouth during polishing.

• Slim neck diameter for greater visibility.
• Rounded head for improved maneuverability.
• Improved clinician and patient comfort.
• Enhanced grip features.

dux_dental_image_alginateImage Alginate
by DUX Dental

Image Dust-Free Alginate.

Image Alginate is a dust free alginate with a pleasant mint odor, creamy and easy to mix. Image Alginate provides a bubble-free, glass-like and smooth surface texture and creates unsurpassed stone models. The green color makes Image easy to read and kids just love it. Image Alginate is 100% biodegradable.

• Special water-loving formula the uniform particles size assures a precise rate of absorption. All ingredients are soluble at the same rate yielding a quick uniform mix and a smooth surface texture.
• The smooth surface texture with a glass-like finish provides amazing detail. You will see the difference in your perfect stone models and in your provisional restorations!
• Reduced storage space. Image Alginate is packaged in 500gr polyaluminum pouches to increase shelf life and the unique canister design features a cutout convenient storage of both scoop and vial.


Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System
by Dentsply

Fear impression making no more. Detailed results made easy.

A revolution in one system. The biggest breakthrough in making impressions in over a decade is here. New Aquasil Ultra Cordless Tissue Managing Impression System is a complete system designed to both manage tissue and record detailed impressions in a single, easy-to-use platform.

• No cord, no paste, one step. An Aquasil Ultra Cordless impression is a faster procedure, because it's a retractionless impression. In most cases, there's no need for cord or paste - just direct sulcus placement. That equals less chair time for your practice, reduced stress for you and less trauma for your patients.
• Faster without compromise. The proof is in the details. Why pack cord or use paste if you can achieve the same, if not better, marginal detail without retracting tissue in most cases?

sultan_colored_prophy_anglesColored Prophu Angles
by Sultan Healthcare

Upgrade® Colors Multi-Pack in Easy Breezy Pastels

Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angle's webbed and ribbed prophy cup adapts to tooth contours and provides very good splatter control. Independent testing has proven that Upgrade's beveled gear design "outperformed all other disposable prophy angles with respect to ease of use."

Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angles feature:
• Compact ergonomic design, provides easy access and visibility.
• Non-slip grip, enhances tactile sense while wearing gloves.
• Web and ribbed prophy cup, controls splatter and easily flares uniformly for subgingival access.
• Not made with natural rubber latex.

13q4_kerr_demiultraDemi ULtra
by Kerr

LED Ultracapacitor Curing Light System.

U-40 Ultracapacitor Technology. Changing the Game.
Revolutionary U-40 Ultracapacitor Technology re-energizes to full power in under 40 seconds. Kerr Demi Ultra is the first and only curing light powered by the state-of the art ultracapacitor technology. Although ultracapacitors are similar in size and shape to traditional batteries, they work much differently - re-engergizing in a matter of seconds, and maintaining their energy year after year

In practical terms, the U-40 Ultracapacitor-powered Demi Ultra is never more than 40 seconds away from being able to deliver 25 ten-second cures. In your practice, the Demi Ultra delivers convenience, efficiency, and reliability - like nothing you've experienced before.

C.U.R.E. Technology. Keeping it Cool.
Proprietary C.U.R.E. Techonology (Curing Uniformity and Reduced Energy) provides uniform depth of cure with industry-leading low temperatures. Enhanced collimation delivers more predictable curing power that is less sensitive to the positioning of the tip, while the more uniform beam generates a more consistent depth of cure.

Easy Suite. Meeting your Every Need.
• Easy Suite feature set provides simple and intuitive operation and maintenance for seamless integration into your practice.
• Durable, lightweight construction: hybrid construction unites metal and patented Valox-molded plastic in an ultra-light, durable, and chemical resistant design.
• Comfortable ergonomic design: lightweight, ergonomic design and 360° rotating tip invite a wide range of comfortable hand positions to help minimize hand and arm stress.
• Sealed, fanless design: an extra large heat sink provides cool, efficient performance without the inconvenience of thermal shutdown, while eliminating the need for cooling fans and vents.
• Two-button operation: provides easy access to all system functions, including new silent mode activation. Equally convenient, there's no need to program power functions to access PLS energy management.
• Fully-integrated radiometer: easy-to-use radiometer with LED indicators that instantly communicate the curing light system's power status.

13q4_imprint_4Imprint™ 4
by 3M ESPE

VPS Impression Material.

Our innovative VPS Material features an extremely short intra-oral setting time. Active self-warming is the key, a unique chemical reaction developed by 3M ESPE. It causes the material to actively and quickly warm up to body temperature after the working time which leads to accelerated setting.

For you and for our patients Imprint 4™ VPS Impression Material ensures:
• Shortest intra-oral setting time for real time savings.
• Sufficient working time for a stress-free procedure.
• Super-hydrophilicity for excellent flow and finest detail reproduction.

13q4_gcem_linkaceG-Cem LinkAce™
by GC America

Self-Adhesive Resin Luting Cement.

G-CEM LinkAce has been optimized to provide a simple solution for the most common challenges clinicians face during indirect restorative procedures.
• Optimal Self-cure Mode
• High Bond Durability in One Step
• Exceptional Color Stability
• Unsurpassed Wear Resistance
• Easy Excess Cement Removal
• Effortless Delivery System and Packaging

Nexus RMGI by KerrNexus™ RMGI
by Kerr

Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

Speed up the cleanup.

Only Kerr Nexus™ RMGI combines One-Peel™ cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent, predictable outcomes.

As the first RMGI available with advanced Nexus™ Technology, Nexus RMGI provides an optimal gel state and 2–3 second tack cure capability to ensure easier cleanup each and every time. The unique self-adhering paste/paste system delivers outstanding bond strength to tooth structures and common substrate —significantly higher than with other RMGI products. Delivered in a convenient automix syringe, Nexus RMGI is the cement of choice for exceptional results.

Nexus™ RMGI Kit  560321
(Kit Contains 3 automix syringes (5g) each, 24 Regular Automix Tips, Technique Card)

by Bio-Pure®

Microbial Evacuation System Restore.

Once in a while a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry, making all other products obsolete. Bio-Pure is one of those products. A proprietary, microbial formula, that allows operatory evacuation systems to function at peak performance. Developed by Dr. Bernard, PhD microbiology, Bio-Pure is ADA and EPA amalgam compliant and recommended by leading equipment manufacturers in the U.S.

What is Bio-Pure?
Bio-Pure is the only product scientifically proven and GUARANTEED to "RESTORE" vacuum suction to full pump capacity and eliminate daily trap cleaning!
That's why Bio-Pure is an OEM specified part for 12+ equipment manfacturers and recommended by 100's of service technicians across the country.
• Patient Comfort (Reliable Suction)
• No More Slogging Down
• Removes Prophy Paste Build Up & Sludge
• Eliminates Trap Hand Cleaning
• ADA & EPA Amalgam Compliant
• All Natural & Non Foaming
• Recommended by UCLA Faculty Group, Service Technicians & Equipment Manufacturers
• Guaranteed to Improve Vacuum Line Suction
• Recommended by 87% of Dental Advisor Users with an Average of 22.7% INCREASE IN SUCTION

Bib-Eze by DuxBib-Eze™ Disposable (Paper) Bib Holders
by Dux

Simpler, Easier, Stronger.

Bib-Eze™ are disposable bib holders that simplify handling, while eliminating any need to sterilize.  Made from lightweight, elasticized fiber, Bib-Eze™ does not feel cold on the patient's neck, has no sharp edges and stretches to comfortably fit.  The self-adhesive ends secure Bib-Eze™ to any bib, and removal is as easy as tearing a piece of paper.  Bib-Eze™ are cost-effective replacements for reusable and other disposable bib holders.

Sof-Lex Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels by 3M ESPESof-Lex Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels by 3M ESPESof-Lex™ Spiral Finishing and Polishing Wheels
by 3M ESPE

One Unique Spiral Shape for Beautifully Smooth Results

The Sof-Lex™ Finishing and Polishing System—a long-standing
favorite of many dentists for producing beautifully smooth results—
has added innovative Sof-Lex™ Spiral Finishing and Polishing
Wheels. The unique, flexible shape adapts to irregular, convex and
concave tooth surfaces, making dental finishing and polishing easier!
Why use points, cups, discs and brushes for dental finishing
and polishing, when one shape will do?
One unique spiral shape...
• Adapts to all tooth surfaces
• Is effective at reaching anterior and posterior restorations
• Quickly achieves a life-like luster
• Works from any angle
Nexus™ RMGI
Purchase 2 Nexus RMGI
Kits, Get 1 Kit,
*See Page 52 for details.
Sof-Lex™ Spiral Wheel Intro Kit
560853 Kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $49.09
(kit includes: 10 Finishing Wheels (beige); 10 Polishing Wheels
1 RA Mandrel)
Sof-Lex™ Spiral Finishing Wheel (beige)
560856 - Beige
560895 - White
30/Pack. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $61.36
The Sof-Lex™ Finishing and Polishing System—a long-standingfavorite of many dentists for producing beautifully smooth results—has added innovative Sof-Lex™ Spiral Finishing and PolishingWheels. The unique, flexible shape adapts to irregular, convex andconcave tooth surfaces, making dental finishing and polishing easier!

Why use points, cups, discs and brushes for dental finishingand polishing, when one shape will do?

One unique spiral shape...
• Adapts to all tooth surfaces
• Is effective at reaching anterior and posterior restorations
• Quickly achieves a life-like luster
• Works from any angleNexus™

Sof-Lex™ Spiral Wheel Intro Kit  560853 (kit includes: 10 Finishing Wheels (beige); 10 Polishing Wheels(white);1 RA Mandrel)

Sof-Lex™ Spiral Finishing Wheel (beige)
560856 - Beige
560895 - White30/Pack


ScanX SwiftScanX Swift™
by AirTechniques

Digital Imaging Without Limits

Chairside Digital Radiography
Swift is a chairside digital system that is fast. Crystal clear images in 9 seconds or less, ready before you are!

Excellent Digital Radiography
ScanX’s thin, flexible, cordless digital sensors advance the state of the art by removing the bulk, enabling easier placement and access to more difficult areas of the mouth. Diagnostic abilities increase. Radiographs become more comfortable for your patients.

Exceptional Diagnostic Clarity
With ScanX’s thin, flexible phosphor sensors you will capture from 17% to 38% more image area. Capture the complete coronal-to-apical length. Provide more mesial-distal information. Never miss a root tip or distal cusp. Fewer retakes.

Unmatched Patient Comfort
• 30 times thinner than rigid sensors. And cordless, too!
• ScanX Swift sensors for every patient – sizes 0, 1, 2.
• Comfortable for patients with small mouths, difficulty in opening wide, or gag reflexes.
• And Swift sensors will not press on pronounced tori causing patient pain.

Smart Investment
• Less expensive than rigid sensors; no annual maintenance costs; a better ROI.
• Add more capabilities to every operatory at a lower cost.
• Flexible phosphor sensors are durable, long lasting and can be reused hundreds of times.
• ScanX Swift sensors won’t break if dropped (and do not require insurance).

13q4_durashieldcv_boxesDuraShield® CV
by Sultan Healthcare

In Strawberry and Watermelon.

Five percent sodium fluoride clear varnish.
• Invisible
• Significantly less wear time: 2 hours vs. 4-5 hours for other varnishes
• Thin, non-drip formula applies smoothly
• Unique unit does designed for comfort and flexibility during application

SoproCARE by ActeonSoproCARE by ActeonSoproCARE
by Acteon

The Prophylaxis Camera from Sopro

SoproCARE was developed to answer the needs of the dental professional during caries detection, prophylaxis and periodontal treatment in the clinical environment.

Utilized patented fluorescence technology,3q13_soprocare_bsm SoproCARE illuminates dnetal tissue to reveal occlusal caries, plaque, tartar and gingivalinflammation. In addtion, SoproCARE can be used as an intraoral camera providing the dental professional with all of the necessary tools to perform a complete and time efficient oral examination.

SoproCARE Camera  560493 


13q4_aurelia_amazing_glovesAmazing™ Nitrile Gloves
by Aurelia®

Nitrile Exam Gloves.

Thinner, lighter and more flexible than standard nitrile, our new Amazing gloves are so comfortabel that you'll the day just fly by.

That's because they are so thing and flexible, they conform perfectly to your hands to give you the superpowers you need to conquer the day. Amazing unique nitrile formulation is thin and flexible enough to deliver higher tactile sensitivity, yet strong. They are so thin that we could pack 300 gloves in a standard box.

Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves
• Material: Nitrile (Latex-Free)
• Type: Non Sterile
• Glove Design & Feature: Ambidextrous and Finger Textured
• Cuff: Beaded
• Usage: For Single Use Only
• Color: Violet
• Packaging: 300 pcs per box, 270 pcs per box for size XL, 10 boxes per case

adec_400_smallIntroducing the A-dec 400

A-dec 400 marries form and function for less complexity and more style at a beautiful price.

With the A-dec 400 dental chair you get contemporary design, patient comfort, and uninhibited dental team access combined with solid, reliable performance.

A-dec 400 System Options
Add your choice of dental equipment options to your A-dec 400 dental chair to create a system that’s comfortable and efficient for you, your patient, and your dental team.

Delivery Systems.
Four choices for ergonomic delivery of your handpieces and accessories. Radius-style, chair-mounted systems:  A-dec 300 Traditional delivery system and A-dec 300 Continental delivery system. Cabinet-mounted systems: A-dec 500 12 o’clock duo delivery system and A-dec 500 side delivery system.

Dental Light.
Whether your choice is A-dec LED or A-dec halogen, get balanced intensity and a uniform light pattern without unwanted shadows. Options include the A-dec LED dental light, A-dec 500 dental light, and A-dec 300 dental light

Chair-Mounted Assistant’s Instrumentation. 
A-dec 500 Assistant’s instrumentation
 provides comfortable access to vacuum instruments and accessories. Rotates around the dental chair for left/right versatility.

Monitor Mount.
The A-dec Radius-style monitor mount (chairside) offers multiple viewing angles for comfortable patient viewing from the seated and supine positions.

Made of stain-resistant vitreous china. Rotates ±90° for better patient access. The timed cup fill and bowl rinse functions are programmable at the touchpad.
Dim lights

13q2tfadaptiveTF Adaptive
by SybronEndo

Revolutionize the Way You Shape Root Canals

Take control of root canal preparations with a durable, safe and easy-to-use system.

Why the TF Adaptive System?
• Unsurpassed Strength and Flexibility
• Ultimate Control
• Minimum Amount of Files Used
• Collaboration with the EndoVac
• And more!

TF Adaptive Starter Kit
560176 Kit Contains: (1) Elements Motor w/ contra angle, (5 pks) TF Adaptive Small in 23 mm, (2 pks) TF Adaptive Small in 27 mm, (5 pks) TF Adaptive Medium/Large in 23 mm, (2 pks) TF Adaptive Medium/Large in 27 mm, (2 pks) #8 K-files in 25mm, (2 pks) #10 K-files in 25mm, (2 pks) #15 K-files in 25mm (1) LA Axxess 2.0 Bur Kit

Dentsply TPH SpectraTPH Spectra
by Dentsply

Universal Composite Restorative

TPH Spectra™ Universal Composite Restorative is a visible light cured, radiopaque, composite restorative material for anterior and posterior restorations and cosmetic veneering of primary and permanent teeth.

• Dual Handling Options - Ensure handling meets preference of doctor
• Simplified Shading - Easy shade match.
• Reduced # of shades to stock in inventory
• Stain Resistance - Color of completed restoration does not change over time
• Optimized Filler Package - Excellent Polish and Physical Properties

TPH Spectra™ Restorative material is available in:
• Low Viscosity (LV) and High Viscosity (HV)
• Predosed Compules® Tips
• 3g Easy•Twist syringes

Compules® Tips Introductory Kit
642600 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Low Viscosity Kit
Contents: 55 Compules® Tips (Blue), Assorted – (0.25g each), 15 Shade A2, 10 each Shade A1, A3, 5 each Shade A3.5, A4, B1, C2, 1 Compules® Tips, Gun, 1 Shade Guide with 7 tabs

642601. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . High Viscosity Kit

Contents: 55 Compules® Tips (Dark Gray), Assorted – (0.25g each), 10 each Shade A1, A3, 15 Shade A2, 5 each Shade A3.5, A4, B1, C2, 1 Compules®, Tips Gun, 1 Shade Guide with 7 tabs

Compules® Tips Refills - Contents: 20 Compules® Tips (Blue) –1 shade (0.25g ea)

Compules® Tips Refills - Contents: 10 Compules® Tips (Blue) –1 shade (0.25g ea)

Easy·Twist Syringe Refills - Contents: 1 Syringe (3g)

Shade Guide - Contents: 7 shade tab

13q2multilinkautomixngMultilink® Automix NG
by Ivoclar Vivadent

Universal Adhesive Cement

Multilink® Automix is a self-curing luting composite with light-curing option for the adhesive luting of indirect restorations made of metal, metal ceramic, all-ceramic and composite.

The Next Generation of Multilink® Automix includes the following:
• A white shade and try-in pastes
• Air Block Liquid strip that enables users to protect the cement line from oxygen exposure during the curing process
• Enhanced luting composite formula that facilitates easier removal of the material

Multilink® Automix System Packs
Contents: 1 (9 g) Multilink Automix cement syringe, 1 (3 g) primer A, 1 (3 g) primer B, 1 (5 g) monbond plus primer, 1 (2.5 g) liquid strip glycerin gel separator, 15 mixing tips and 50 applicators for A/B560259
560259 - Transparent
560267 - White
560263 - Opaque

Multilink® Automix NG Refills
Contents: 1 (9 g) Multilink Automix cement syringe, 15 mixing tips and instruction for use
560316 - Transparent
560315 - White
560314 - Opaque

Multilink® Automix NG Try-in Refills
Contents: 1 (1.7 g) Multilink Automix NG try-in paste syringe
560317 - Transparent
560319 - White
560378 - Opaque

Mixing Tips Short Tapered

Mixing Tips Root-Canal
5-Short Taper & 5-Intra Canal

Microflex Cobalt GloveCobalt® Nitrile Exam Gloves
by Microflex

Soft and stretchy with exceptional durability.

The soft stretchy formula provides a superior fit and feel. Ideal for jobs requiring exceptional tactile sensitivity. Durable and puncture resistant. Features a fully textured surface for enhanced gripping in wet or dry conditions.

• Powder-Free,Textured
• 9½ inch length
• 4.0 mil (palm)
• Medical/exam grade
• Cobalt blue color
• Ambidextrous / Non-Sterile

Cobalt® Nitrile Exam Gloves
559801 N191 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Small
559802 N192. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Medium
559803 N193. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Large
559804 N194. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .X-Large

SybronEndo Apex IDApex ID®
by SybronEndo

Apex Locator

Apex ID is compact and modern with unique functions which allow you to focus on what's really important; providing the best care for your patients. User-set zero point Customize the "zero point" based on your clinical judgment.  No need to constantly monitor the visual display, the audible signal will let you know when you've reached your preferred zero point. Accuracy in almost any condition.

Apex ID has been designed to work in almost any canal condition. Whether dry, wet, bleeding, filled with saline, EDTA, NaOCl, chlorhexidine, the Apex ID can still provide accurate, consistent and dependable readings. Continuous calibration unlike most locators on the market today, Apex ID continuously calibrates for accurate, uninterrupted readings in real-time.

Apex ID Unit Apex Locator
560200 Unit
1-Apex ID, 1-Apex ID Stand, 5-Lip Hooks,
2-File Holder B, 1-File Holder A, 1-Probe Cord
1-Apex ID IFU, 3-AAA 1.5V Batteries

Euwe Implant Instrument Line
by Hu-Friedy

Implant InstrumentsHuFriedy Implant Instrument

The Euwe Implant Placement Instrument was designed for accurate placement of a tissue graft and secures positioning of the membrane during soft tissue procedures.

Features & Benefits:
• Sharp, tact like working end securely positions the membrane during soft tissue procedures
• Large curved working-end for accurate placement of the tissue graft
• Large #6 Satin Steel® Handle increased comfort for reduced wrist and hand fatigue
• Handcrafted with Immunity Steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance

Euwe Membrane Placement Instrument - 560234 (PMPIE)

The Euwe Bone Scoop/Plugger was designed for easy transport and non-stick compaction of bone graft material.
Features & Benefits:
• Large concave working-end for easy transport and delivery of bone graft material to the surgical site
• Large XTS coated plugger for smooth, non-stick compaction of bone graft material
• Large #6 Satin Steel Handle increased comfort for reduced wrist and hand fatigue
• Handcrafted with Immunity Steel for optimal strength and corrosion resistance

Euwe Bone Scoop/Plugger - 560235 (CSEUWES6)

The CM2/4 Molt Curette, which provides optimal access to the tooth socket for curettage, cyst removal and debridement, is now available in a Short #6 Satin Steel Handle.

Features & Benefits:
• Large and small working ends for optimal access to the tooth socket, enhancing curettage, ease of cyst removal and debridement
• Large #6 Satin Steel Short Handle provides increased comfort for reduced wrist and hand fatigue
• Handcrafted with Immunity Steel for optimal strength and corrosion  resistance

CM2/4 Molt DE Curette, #6 Short Satin Steel Handle - 560236 (CM2/456)

13q2crest3dwsCrest 3D Whitestrips Professional Supreme
by Crest Oral-B

If your patients aren’t whitening, they’re yellowing!

• Delivers Professional level whitening in just on hour a day for 14 days - your patients will start seeing results in 1 day
• Contains 10% hydrogen peroxide, equivalent to approximately 28% carbamide peroxide
• Advanced Seal No Slip Technology provides a form fit, no slip grip that molds and adheres to teeth for a better whitening experience
• Each patient box contains 14 whitening treatments

Crest® 3D White Whitesrips® Professional Supreme
560313 One Patient Box

Dentsply Nupro White VarnishNupro White Varnish
by Dentsply

5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish

NUPRO® White Varnish is a one-step varnish application that reduces dentinal hypersensitivity by occluding dentin tubules. This is a uniquely formulated varnish with handling characteristics that make it quick and easy for clinicians to apply, including no dripping or stringing and the ability to apply the varnish to a wet tooth. NUPRO White Varnish is designed to deliver key benefits, including proven high levels of fluoride release in two hours to aid in tubule occlusion and minimal required patient wear time of only two hours.

NUPRO® 5% Sodium Fluoride White Varnish is indicated for sealing of dentinal tubules for the treatment of hypersensitive teeth, sensitive root surfaces and for cavity preparations

• Delivers hypersensitivity relief - Relieves dentin sensitivity
• Rapid Fluoride Release. Over 7 times more fluoride release than the leading varnish brand in two hours -Save time and effort - Aids in tubule occlusion
• Can be applied to a wet tooth surface and sets on contact with saliva - Save time and effort - no need to dry teeth before applying NUPRO® White Varnish
• Uniquely formulated for no dripping or stringing - Less potential mess and aggravation
• 50% reduced required treatment period compared to leading competitors - Patients can quickly get back to normal eating and drinking habits, and can remove any varnish remaining on their teeth after two hours
• Patent-pending design allows for flexible handling option -The unique package design allows clinicians to hold the dose in the way that’s most comfortable and convenient for them (snap onto a prophy grip, hold the unit dose cup between their fingers, or rest the cup on a flat surface)
• Gluten free - Safe for patients with dietary concerns
• Sweetened with sucralose - Two Patient Pleasing flavors – grape and raspberry

NUPRO® White Varnish
560338 Grape
560337 Raspberry

Septodont BiodentineBiodentine™
by Septodont

Bioactive Dentin Substitute

In the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentin restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.

In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling.

Biodentine Kit
553393 Kit
Contains: 15 x capsules + 15 x single-dose containers

NEW Biodentine Operaotry 5 Pack
560171 Pack
Contains: Box of 5 capsules, 5 single-dose pipettes

Dentsply Prime & Bond ElectPrime & Bond Elect
by Dentsply

Universal Dental Adhesive

Prime&Bond Elect™ Universal Dental Adhesive is a self-priming dental adhesive system designed to bond resin based materials to enamel and dentin as well as to metals and ceramic.

Prime&Bond Elect™ Universal Dental Adhesive combines etchant, primer and adhesive in a single bottle. This robust formulation allows the dentist to utilize selective phosphoric acid etching of enamel only, phosphoric acid etching of both enamel & dentin, or no phosphoric acid etching prior to application, ensuring outstanding bond strengths and protection against microleakage.

559141 Prime & Bond Elect Intro Kit
Contains: 1 Bottle Prime&Bond Elect™ (5mL), 1 Syringe Caulk® 34% Tooth Conditioner Gel (3mL), 25 Applicator Tips, 50 Flocked Applicator Tips, 1 Dispensing Well

Prime & Bond Elect 5ml 1-Pack Refill
559144 Bottle

Prime & Bond Elect Unit Dose
559143 50/Pack
Contains: 50 Unit Doses, 2 Unit Dose Holders, 50 Flocked Applicator Tips

Adec LED Operatory LightLED Operatory Lights

Enjoy Advanced Light Performance

A-dec LED Light
The Light Emitting Diode Light has three intensity settings of 15,000, 25,000, and 30,000 lux and purportedly stays at a consistent 5,000K claiming to give providers a balanced, clean, white light. The light is said to have a “stadium” effect uniformed light pattern to help minimize shadowing and the feathered edge is supposed to reduce eye fatigue. A-dec uses 12 LEDs that supposedly have a life expectancy of 20 years and consume 80% less power than halogen lights. The LED Light claims to glide effortlessly into position and has unlimited positioning with three axes and 540º of rotation. The light offers a cure-safe mode at 25,000 lux that is said  o allow the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins. The LED Light is equipped to be run off a 100-240 VAC range at 50 or 60 Hz power supply.

Helios 3000 LED Operatory Light
Take your practice to the next level with the Helios 3000 LED dental light. Cutting-edge LED technology enables color mixing, a No Cure setting, and a crisp 3″ x 6″ light pattern that illuminates only where you need it to. This dental light offers optimal efficiency to help you save energy and lifecycle costs. Investing in the Helios 3000 demonstrates your practice’s commitment to excellence in dentistry.

Midmark LED Light
Where many lights are an afterthought of old technology, the Midmark Dental LED Operatory Light, with its advanced lighting design, pushes LED lighting quality to the edge. Delivers the true, reduced shadow white light you need to properly identify shades, see details and diagnose tissue. Energy Efficiency: 22 watts power consumption, 50% less than the leading dental LED light True composite safe setting: Midmark uses filters to remove the 470nm blue light known to cure composites. Other companies mix colors or add coatings but don’t truly filter out the light frequency responsible for composite curing. Bright White Light: 27,000, 21,000 and 15,000 Lux Soft Edge: Midmark’s LED maintains a soft or feathered edge to
reduce the eye strain associated with sharp differences in contrast. Quiet operation: Efficient design eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans.

SpectraSpectra & Polaris
by Air Techniques

Announcing the new improved Spectra Caries Detection Aid and Polaris Digital Camera

Caries Detection Aid
• Spectra is the only caries detection aid that works like Doppler radar to discover caries earlier
• NEW sleek design features a 120 degree button ring for added comfort
• Spectra uses fluorescence to detect caries in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in X-ray images
• Carious regions appear red, while healthy enamel appears green
• After capturing the image within your existing imaging software, the extent of the decay will be interpolated and indicated in two ways:
1. The color will be either blue, red, orange or yellow
2. A numerical indicator between 0 and 5 will be shown
No other caries detection aid can do this

• Impressive, information-rich images enhance case acceptance
• Spectra can detect decay hidden between the margins of existing  composite and amalgam restorations
• The Doppler radar-like images are easily understood and allow you to clearly show your patients how early intervention helps them
• Spectra guides you through the caries removal process from pre-to post-procedure, ensuring that all carious dentin has been removed
• Can be used to detect Fractured Tooth Syndrome, plaque and caries
• The TWAIN interface allows you to integrate and save the fluoresced images into your patients database
• Store and compare images over time to track the effect of your treatment
• Connects to computer with USB cable
• Weighs only 2.1 ounces

Spectra Caries Detection Aid

Digital Camera

Polaris Intraoral Camera provides exceptional image quality that will aid in case acceptance
• NEW sleek body design features a 120 degree button ring for added comfort
• Superior optics and broad focal range delivers exceptional image quality that will enhance your patient diagnosis
• Fixed focus technology keeps objects from 6mm to 40mm in sharp detail - No need to adjust anything
• Let’s you reach all areas of oral cavity with minimal effort and maximum comfort
• Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing an image as easy as 1-2-3:
1) Aim
2) Press button
3) Release & capture image

• Quick connect feature provides true-in-pocket portability and effortless room-to-room mobility
• Low-glare LED light
• Connects to your existing dental unit with ease
• Dedicated power button allows you to control when to turn Polaris ON or OFF
• Works with Visix and most TWAIN 2.1 compliant software for easy integration into your practice
• According to a recent report by The Dental Advisor, 100% of consultants would recommend Polaris

Polaris Digital Camera

by Dentsply Rinn

Universal Disposable Holder

The XCP-QT disposable quick tabs grip digital sensors securely without need for a tight sensor cover. This makes use easier with less risk of cord pull. The white bitetab attaches to perform anterior and posterior periapicals, while a red bitetab is for both horizontal and vertical bitewings.

Dentsply Rinn XCP-QTFeatures:
• 2-piece clamping design
• Dispoable (Single-Use)
• Universal sized bases 1.0, 1.5 (Dexis), or 2.0
• One bitepiece for all bitewings
• One bitepiece for all periapicals
• Adjustable bitepiece
• Color coded

XCP-QT™ Intro Kit, Size 1.0 and 2.0
559606 Kit
Contents: 2 XCP-ORA 3-in-1 Arm & Ring System, 25 size 1.0 universal bases, 75 size 2.0 universal bases, 50 periapical bite-pieces, 50 bitewing bite-pieces.

XCP-QT™ Periapical, Size 1.0 Refill
Contents: 75 size 1.0 universal bases, 75 periapical bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Periapical, Size 2.0 Refill
Contents: 75 size 2.0 universal bases, 75 periapical bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Bitewing, Size 1.0 Refill
Contents: 75 size 1.0 universal bases, 75 bitewing bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Bitewing, Size 2.0 Refill
Contents: 75 size 2.0 universal bases, 75 bitewing bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Intro Kit for Dexis (size 1.5)
559607 Kit
Contents: 2 XCP-ORA 3-in-1 Arm & Ring System, 100 size 1.5 bases, 50 periapical bite-pieces, 50 bitewing bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Periapical Refill for Dexis (size 1.5)
Contents: 75 size 1.5 universal bases, 75 periapical bite-pieces

XCP-QT™ Bitewing Refill for Dexis (size 1.5)
559617 Each
Contents: 75 size 1.5 universal bases, 75 bitewing bite-piece

UltraForm Gloves
by Microflex

Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves

Microflex Ultraform GloveOur unique soft formulation forms to your hand effortlessly as if it is second skin. In field tests users wearing Ultraform® actually experienced an increase in fine motor task performance compared to a bare hand. You have to feel how this feels.

Ultraform Gloves
559219 300/Box . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Small
559220 300/Box. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Medium
559310 300/Box. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Large

Kimberly Clark Nemesis EyewearNemesis Eyewear
by Kimberly Clark

Safety Glasses

Sleek, flexible, lightweight design with soft touch temples for added comfort. Polarized lens technology reduces eye stress and fatigue from bright sunlight. Scratch-resistant, dual polycarbonate lens with 99.9% UV protection. Meets ANSI Z87.1+ Standard.

Nemesis Safety Glasses
Black Frame, Smoke Mirror Lens

Nemesis Safety Glasses
Black Frame, Clear Lens

Coltene SPEC3S.P.E.C.3 LED
by Coltene Whaledent

With 3 Distinct Power Modes:  Standard, 3K, Ortho, plus . . .

• Standard Mode: 1600 mW/cm2 Cures 2mm Composite in 5 second
• 3K Mode: 3000-3500 mW/cm2 3 second cure; for rapid curing
• Ortho Mode: Cures an entire full-arch of brackets with two 3 second intervals per bracket
• Lightweight construction reduces hand fatigue
• Ideal for most dental composites

S.P.E.C. 3 LED™

Contains: One LED Light, One 8mm light guide, Charger Base, 100 Barrier Sleeves, Two light shields, One 110v power supply


ScCan Statim G4Statim G4
by SciCan

The gentleness you know, a level of interactivity never seen before

Touch - A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages and current cycle information all with extraordinary clarity.

Connect -The STATIM G4 is capable of communicating with anyone of your choice, including Technical Service personnel.

Collect - Through your networked portal, you can view your STATIM’s current status & save all cycle data. With the ability to access cycle history & sterilization records you will be able to protect your office and patients.

STATIM 2000 G4

STATIM 5000 G4 (pictured)

Business Strategy for your Dental Practice
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