SciCan STATIM 5000 G4

The same renowned and trusted autoclave with a new contemporary look and connectivity including a direct channel of communication through the internet. Read more


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SciCan STATIM G4 Series Brochure

Still powered by SciCan’s signature steam technology to provide sterilization and dryness at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves, the STATIM has been drastically upgraded with a level of interactivity never seen before.

STATIM 5000 G4 cycle times: 9 minutes unwrapped; 17.5 minutes wrapped

  • A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages and current cycle information all with extraordinary clarity
  • SciCan’s STATIM G4 Technology offers a platform with endless possibilities. The product expansion and modes of communication will provide visibility from every facet, from usability to troubleshooting
  • Uses fresh steam distilled water with every cycle
  • Dri-TecR drying system for fast dry loads

STATIM 5000 G4 Size: 23.6”L x 16.1”W x 7.5”H

Cassette Size: 15”L x 7.1”W x 3”H

Each STATIM 5000 G4 includes: Cassette, Waste Bottle, Drain Tube & Instrument Rack for Wrapped and Unwrapped Instruments, Drying Plates.