A-dec 300 Assistant’s Instrumentation

The A-dec 300 assistant's instrumentation offers comfortable instrument placement for 2- and 4-handed dentistry. Plus, vacuum instrumentation and other devices are accessible without interfering with instrument transfer or visual or physical oral cavity access. Read more


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Flexibility: Choose from various assistant’s instrumentation styles to meet your exact needs.
Comfortable positioning: No matter what style of A-dec 300 assistant’s instrumentation you choose, you get excellent positioning and comfortable access to vacuum instrumentation.
  • Assistant’s instrumentation styles:
    • Radius (chair-mounted). Rotates around the back of the chair to accommodate both left- and right-handed operators. Mounts to A-dec 500, A-dec 400, amd A-dc 300 chairs.
    • Telescoping arm (A-dec 300 support center mounted). Allows comfortable access to vacuum instruments when working with or without an assistant.
    • Fixed-position (A-dec 300 cuspidor-mounted). Provides convenient instrumentation positioning mounted on the cuspidor.
  • Assistant’s holder choices. Accommodates various instrumentation combinations including vacuum instruments, QD syringe, and curing light.
  • Adjustable holders. Rotates as a group and pivots independently customizing instrument positioning.
  • Vacuum tower. Includes a large-capacity solids collector to simplify routine cleaning