A-dec 500 12 O’Clock Assistant’s Instrumentation

With so many positioning options, assistants can adjust the A‑dec 500 12 o'clock assistant's instrumentation to accommodate their individual needs with everything comfortably at their fingertips. Read more


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Comfort: The round, height-adjustable worksurface easily moves left to right and pivots horizontally. Instrumentation rotates around the worksurface. Holders independently adjust with four vertical pivot points. Every detail designed for advanced range of motion and ultimate comfort.
Efficiency: Accommodating your assistant is key since most procedures start and stop with the assistant. With the A‑dec 500 12 o’clock assistant’s instrumentation and an A-dec treatment console, your assistant can quickly access everything needed during a procedure.
  • Height adjustable, round worksurface. Rotates left to right and pivots horizontally; eliminates the need to work around corners.
  • Ergonomic instrumentation. Rotates around the worksurface for optimal positioning; features pivoting holders to reduce the motion for the assistant and maximize efficiency.
  • Easy left/right conversion. Accommodates both left- and right-handed operators.
  • 2-liter, self-contained water bottle. Includes an integrated pickup tube to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and a quick-disconnect fitting that makes the bottle easy to remove and replace.