A-dec 500 12 O’Clock Duo Delivery System

You and your assistant work completely in sync. Everything you need positioned exactly where you want it. Handpieces. Accessories. Supplies. Your patients feel at ease with instrumentation out of their direct view. It's all possible with the A‑dec 500 12 o'clock duo delivery system. Read more


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Increased productivity: With the A-dec 500 12 o’clock duo delivery system and an A-dec treatment console you have everything you need to boost efficiency and work comfortably.

True integration: Easily integrates all the latest technology. Get comfortable access to your handpieces, ultrasonic instrument, curing light, and intraoral camera. Integrate one or two electric handpieces and get full digital control of endodontic functions with the A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad.

Centralized dental operatory control: The A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad and foot control work together for easy access to handpiece, accessory, chair, dental light, and cuspidor functions. You can even control other electrical devices such as your operatory lights or monitor.

Total waterline maintenance solution: By combining an innovative 2-liter water bottle, a control block design that eliminates standing water, tubing made with AlphaSan, and the revolutionary ICX waterline treatment tablet, A-dec offers everything you need for worry-free waterline maintenance.

  • Innovative 4-position control block design. Results in the industry’s most reliable air-driven component with fewer parts, stronger corrosion-resistant materials, and a unique water flow system that eliminates stagnant water where bacteria can grow.
  • Dynamic doctor handpiece positioning. Enables extensive range of motion with independent height adjustment and multiple pivot points.
  • Height adjustable, round worksurface. Rotates left to right and pivots horizontally; eliminates the need to work around corners.
  • Ergonomic assistant’s instrumentation. Rotates around the worksurface for optimal positioning; features pivoting holders to reduce the motion for the assistant and maximize efficiency.
  • Easy left/right conversion. Accommodates both left- and right-handed operators.
  • Data Communication System (DCS). Enables reliable two-way communication between system circuit boards, which allows monitoring of all system functions; auto-detects new modules.
  • 2-liter, self-contained water bottle. Includes an integrated pickup tube to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and a quick-disconnect fitting that makes the bottle easy to remove and replace.
  • Wet/dry or Lever foot control with chip blower/accessory button. Operates handpieces and integrated accessories like your A‑dec intraoral camera in conjunction with the A‑dec 500 deluxe touchpad.
  • Silicone Tubing. Lighter weight and more pliable and durable than vinyl tubing. More resistant to degradation from chemical and disinfectant exposure.