DentalEZ Galaxy® & Simplicity® Delivery Systems

Our delivery units help you create an operatory that is organized and functional, placing everything you need at your fingertips for maximum productivity. Their sleek,modern designs enhance the appearance of the dental office. Read more


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DentalEZ Delivery Unit Brochure

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Galaxy® Delivery Units / Simplicity® Delivery Units

  • Units available in fixed chair-mounted or Magellan left/right mounted
  • 3 styles of control heads designed for up to 4 handpieces
    • (3 standard) and 2 static hangers (1 standard)
  • Galaxy heads standard with die cast aluminum pinch valve system providing years of reliable performance
  • Clean water system is standard, city water kit available
  • Galaxy with pinch valve system (A)
  • Galaxy Euro style with pinch valve system (B)
  • Simplicity® style with control block system (C)
  • Simplicity heads offer a sleek modern style to enhance the appearance of any dental office

Assistant Instrumentation/Cuspidors:

  • Galaxy rear-mounted assistant’s instrumentation & cuspidor (D)
  • Simplicity cuspidor with assistant’s instrumentation (E)
  • Simplicity telescoping assistant’s instrumentation (F)
  • Simplicity rear-mounted assistant’s instrumentation (G)