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Goetze Dental's Technology HelpDesk is a full-solution Dental IT provider.

We specialize in integrating and supporting the equipment and technology of a Private Dental Practice. Goetze HelpDesk Agents are experts in Dental Technology HIPAA compliance. We provide both stand-alone solutions and managed services for dental practices in the Midwest.

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Unlimited Remote Support Essential

HelpDesk Remote Support is a one-stop resource for resolving technology issues. Our HelpDesk Agents provide unlimited support and consultation by phone or remote computer control, allowing your staff to delegate technology issues and return to providing exceptional patient care.

This service can be terminated at your discretion with thirty (30) days’ notice.

Starting at

    per month*
$ 50

Price is based on customer Loyalty Level

Goetze SecureIT Ultimate

Goetze SecureIT is a comprehensive solution to ensuring the operational integrity of your practice’s network infrastructure with assistance in maintaining HIPAA IT compliance. This service includes Unlimited Remote Support, powerful data protection and backup, firewall and wireless network security management, software patch management, hardware warranties, antivirus and anti-ransomware protection, email encryption services, and the hardware necessary to provide these services.This service can be terminated with thirty (30) days’ notice after an initial one (1) year commitment.

Starting at

    per month*
$ 450

+ One time Setup Fee: $995 (if less than 15 computers)
+ $10/month per workstation*

The Goetze SecureIT bundle includes all services below

Powerful Data
Protection & Backup

A complete data backup and recovery solution that provides peace of mind when disaster strikes. Server data is replicated both on-site to your provided failsafe system and encrypted off-site to the cloud for redundancy. In most cases, your data can be virtually restored in minutes- as opposed to days-so you can focus on treating your patients.

Unlimited Remote Support

The same support tool available in the ESSENTIAL package is included in your Goetze SecureIT bundle. Call or click for Unlimited Remote Support & consultation for all of your technology concerns.

Firewall Network Security Management

Your firewall is the first-line of defense against unauthorized access to your network. Proper configuration of your firewall and Wi-Fi devices are imperative to achieving HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Software Patch Management

As a critical step in maintaining cybersecurity, Goetze SecureIT’s Patch Management solution will appropriately install updates for Microsoft Windows as well as an expansive list of common programs ranging from Adobe Acrobat to Zoom.

AntiVirus & AntiRansomware Protection

Antimalware tools are the second-line of defense against unauthorized access to your network.  Advanced AntiVirus actively reports security concerns to HelpDesk agents for faster remediation, while AntiRansomware will specifically target Ransomware attacks to prevent data loss through unauthorized encryption. 24/7 Threat Hunting also available. 

Email Encryption with User Security Training

This service provides the stress free ability to send and receive email in compliance with HIPAA standards. An encrypted email allows you to send a secure message without the inherit risk of data being intercepted, protecting the content from being viewed by someone other than the intended recipient(s).

Extended Hardware Warranty
for Goetze Technology

An extended warranty plan is offered on technology purchased through Goetze Dental with an active enrollment in the Software Patch Management service. The extended warranty plan is designed to reduce repair costs for manufacturer defects beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.

Discounted On-Site Technology Repair

When non-preventable hardware failures occur with your technology, we have a full team of factory-trained and authorized Technology Technicians dedicated to delivering you a solution – fast! Our HelpDesk agents work directly with technology field technicians to diagnose the problem to reduce costly troubleshooting time.

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We carefully assess your needs and provide education to help you make an informed decision.  See our FAQs below!

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What Colleagues Are Saying

Like to give a shout out to Goetze Dental for getting our server up and running. Came in on Monday and it was having issues. Using their backup solutions, they had us up and running in the hour. Thanks guys.
Christian W., DDS
Branson, MO
Recently our network was compromised and we were unable to work at all in our software. I called the Goetze HelpDesk (enrolled in SecureIT) and they immediately started working on getting us back up and running. The virtual server worked very well until they were able to restore our physical server. I feel (Goetze) went above and beyond to get our information restored.
Office Administrator
Fort Dodge, IA
We are very pleased with our Remote Support service with the Goetze HelpDesk. They are very patient and understanding with an office that is new to using computers and digital.
Ted D., DMD
West Plains, MO

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Goetze SecureIT ?

Goetze SecureIT (pronounced “security”) is an all-encompassing IT management program that eliminates the need to choose from a myriad of different services and focuses on providing a one-stop solution to properly managing a dental office’s network security.

Who Provides Goetze SecureIT ?

The same Goetze HelpDesk staff that has been helping dental offices for more than 10 years with their technology challenges are the driving force behind Goetze SecureIT.  Goetze SecureIT is ultimately provided using multiple softwares, services, and devices sourced from top tier technology companies and configured by the Goetze HelpDesk for the sole purpose of properly securing a dental office’s network.

What services are included with Goetze SecureIT ?

The following services are all included with Goetze SecureIT:
  • Unlimited HelpDesk Remote Support
  • Server Backups inside the office up to 50 times per day
  • Server Backups offsite nightly with up to 1TB of storage
  • Workstation Backups inside the office up to 4 times per day (optional)
  • Network Firewall management
  • Wireless Networking (Wi-Fi) management
  • Public Wi-Fi management
  • Software Patch Management on enrolled systems
  • Antivirus protection on enrolled systems
  • Antiransomware protection on enrolled systems
  • Encrypted Email hosting with custom domain name
  • Computer Extended Warranties for qualified systems
  • Discounts for on-site labor for technology issues

What if the customer doesn't want all of the services included in Goetze SecureIT ?

Goetze SecureIT is designed to be a complete technology management service and as such, the individual services are not offered individually, with the exception of Unlimited HelpDesk Remote Support. All of the services shown are necessary for protecting a dental office’s network against HIPAA compliance violations relating to network security. In the spirit of ensuring you are provided the tools and services necessary to help ensure HIPAA compliance, Goetze does not permit the modification of the services included in Goetze SecureIT.

If you are not interested in allowing Goetze HelpDesk to fully manage your IT infrastructure, and instead only want the ability to contact Goetze HelpDesk for assistance with technology challenges as they are discovered by the office, you may opt to enroll in Unlimited Remote Support only. Unlimited Remote Support offers no active management of any IT services by Goetze HelpDesk and only includes phone or internet support provided by Goetze HelpDesk.

What equipment must be purchased to enroll in Goetze SecureIT ?

The primary equipment used for Goetze SecureIT are a backup and disaster
recovery appliance (BDR), firewall router (Router), and if desired, a wireless
access point (WAP). These three devices are provided by Goetze as part of the
Goetze SecureIT service and remain Goetze property, meaning you are not
charged for this equipment. The total value of the equipment provided by
Goetze and installed in your office can exceed $2500. Additional devices, or
custom installation requirements may be necessary to implement Goetze
SecureIT equipment and may require additional charges. Your specific
approval will be requested and required before any charges are accrued.

What are the setup and monthly charges associated with Goetze SecureIT ?

The charges for Goetze SecureIT are designed to be a simple as possible and
are as follows:

  • One time installation charge – starts at $995
  • Primary Server protection (required) – $350
  • Cloud Storage overage (required when off-site storage exceeds 1TB) – $50
    per 100GB
  • Workstation protection (optional) – starts at $10 per workstation
  • Additional WAP (rarely necessary) – $10 per additional WAP

    It is important to note the installation charge is only applied after the installing
    technician confirms your eligibility for Goetze SecureIT, and you approve any
    necessary custom installation requirements.

How do I request enrollment in Goetze SecureIT ?

By contacting Goetze Helpdesk, you may request a Technology Service
Agreement be sent to you by email. You may enroll in either Goetze SecureIT
or Unlimited Remote Support by completing the Technology Services
Agreement electronically through Docusign. The agreement MUST be
completed through Docusign as hard copies will not be permitted. Please
understand, due to the physical equipment that must be acquired by Goetze to
provide this service, completion of the installation typically occurs within 30-days.

Is there a minimum commitment term for Goetze SecureIT ?

Yes, an initial term of 1 year from date of first invoice is required. Cancellation
of Goetze SecureIT before the initial 1 year term will trigger penalties. However,
after the initial 1 year term is completed, Goetze SecureIT can be cancelled at
any time with only 30-days written notice.

What happens when I sign the agreement requesting enrollment ?

Your signed agreement is automatically and electronically provided to the Goetze HelpDesk Team to review and approve, which typically takes less than one business day. The Goetze owned equipment necessary to provide the service will be ordered and pre-configured for use in your practice. Once the equipment is ready for installation, the Goetze Service Department will contact your office to schedule the on-site evaluation and installation of the equipment, and usually occurs within 30-days of your approval.

When does my minimum commitment term begin ?

The minimum commitment term begins upon successful installation of the Goetze owned equipment in your practice. You may cancel your enrollment request at any point before the installation is completed without penalty.