Goetze Dental's Technology HelpDesk is a full-solution Dental IT provider.

We specialize in integrating and supporting the equipment and technology of a Private Dental Practice. Goetze HelpDesk Agents are experts in Dental Technology HIPAA compliance. We provide both stand-alone solutions and managed services for dental practices in the Midwest.

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Unlimited Remote Support Essential

HelpDesk Remote Support is a one-stop resource for resolving technology issues. Our HelpDesk Agents provide unlimited support and consultation by phone or remote computer control, allowing your staff to delegate technology issues and return to providing exceptional patient care.

This service can be terminated at your discretion with thirty (30) days’ notice.

Starting at

$ 100
    per month*

Goetze SecureIT Ultimate

Goetze SecureIT is a comprehensive solution to ensuring the operational integrity of your practice’s network infrastructure with assistance in maintaining HIPAA IT compliance. This service includes Unlimited Remote Support, powerful data protection and backup, firewall and wireless network security management, computer health monitoring, hardware warranties, antivirus and anti-ransomware protection, email encryption services, and the hardware necessary to provide these services.

This service can be terminated with thirty (30) days’ notice after an initial one (1) year commitment.

Starting at

$ 350
    per month*

+ $995 one time Setup Fee
+ $25/month per workstation*

The Goetze SecureIT bundle includes all services below

Powerful Data
Protection & Backup

A complete data backup and recovery solution that provides peace of mind when disaster strikes. Server data is replicated both on-site to your provided failsafe system and encrypted off-site to the cloud for redundancy. In most cases, your data can be virtually restored in minutes- as opposed to days-so you can focus on treating your patients.

Unlimited Remote Support

The same support tool available in the ESSENTIAL package is included in your Goetze SecureIT bundle. Call or click for Unlimited Remote Support & consultation for all of your technology concerns.

Firewall & Wireless Network Security Management

Your firewall is the first-line of defense against unauthorized access to your network. Proper configuration of your firewall and Wi-Fi devices are imperative to achieving HIPAA and PCI compliance.

System Health Monitoring

Computer Health Monitoring proactively monitors your machines performance in an attempt to predict and mitigate system failures caused by problems occurring at the component level or from end-user infringements.

AntiVirus & AntiRansomware Protection

Antimalware tools are the second-line of defense against unauthorized access to your network.  Advanced AntiVirus actively reports security concerns to HelpDesk agents for faster remediation, while AntiRansomware will specifically target Ransomware attacks to prevent data loss through unauthorized encryption.

Email Encryption

This service provides the stress free ability to send and receive email in compliance with HIPAA standards. An encrypted email allows you to send a secure message without the inherit risk of data being intercepted, protecting the content from being viewed by someone other than the intended recipient(s).

Extended Hardware Warranty
for Goetze Technology

An extended warranty plan is offered on technology purchased through Goetze Dental with an active enrollment in the System Health Monitoring service. The extended warranty plan is designed to reduce repair costs for manufacturer defects beyond the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.

Discounted On-Site Technology Repair

When non-preventable hardware failures occur with your technology, we have a full team of factory-trained and authorized Technology Technicians dedicated to delivering you a solution – fast! Our HelpDesk agents work directly with technology field technicians to diagnose the problem to reduce costly troubleshooting time.

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